Nano Brewery

Psycho brew is known as one of the leading suppliers in the nano brewery market.  You may be wondering what a nano brewery is?

You can read the definition from wikipedia (  Or you can just think of a nano brewery as in between a home brewer with a small brew kit and not as large as a micro brewery.   In some cases our equipment is used in regional and microbrewerys to make small batches.  

No matter what your size, our equipment is built to last. We love making beer and making equipment to help others make better beer.


Nano Brewery

A nanobrewery is type of very small brewery operation, often culturally defined by a less than 4 US beer barrels (470 L) brew system. They are acknowledged by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB), and are fully licensed and regulated breweries. Nanobreweries are often on task to grow into microbreweries or brewpubs. There are quite a few breweries and brewpubs that could have been described at one point in their history as nanobreweries, had the term been invented. One example is Dogfish Head, from Milton, Delaware. Sam Calagione started the company as a brewpub on a 10-US-gallon (38 L) Sabco brew system in 1995. As of 2010, it produced 75,000 US beer barrels (8,800,000 L) annually.

A list of nanobreweries is kept current by Hess Brewing Co., a nanobrewery from San DiegoCalifornia. As of December 2012, it lists 93 nano breweries operating in the United States and 51 in the planning stage

Psycho Brew

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